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Lemax Spooky Town

  • Spooky Town Buildings

    Spooky Town Buildings

    Spooky lighted buildings and haunted houses for your Lemax creatures of the night to lurk in! Build your Spooky Town today! view products

  • Spooky Town Figurines

    Spooky Town Figurines

    Figurines in Lemax's Spooky Town range are so devilishly detailed you'll have to be careful they don't scare your Halloween party guests away! view products

  • Spooky Town Table Pieces

    Spooky Town Table Pieces

    Suitable for both benches, shelves and tables, these terrifying table top pieces are scary both on their own or as part of your Spooky Town village! view products

  • Spooky Town Accessories

    Spooky Town Accessories

    Our range of Spooky Town accessories add the final touch you need to really scare your Halloween guests - be sure to lock the door so they stay for the party! view products

Lemax Spooky Town

Halloween in the western world has become a wonderfully festive day full of fun and mayhem. While traditionally a solemn day, All Hallow’s Eve has transformed into lively event celebrated across the globe. This unique holiday is full of fun activities for everyone; these activities can include trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, telling ghost stories, or decorating your home!

Since 1990, Lemax has been creating lighted villages that have become popular for various holidays – for decorations – or as collectors’ items. Lemax has gained a devoted following of both serious collectors and casual holiday decorators that now spans the globe.

The Lemax Spooky Town collection is perfect for helping you create the right look for your home on Halloween. When used alongside the right lights, a few cobweb decorations and spooky sound effects, you can transform your happy home into a haunted mansion!

Use the Lemax Spooky Town collection of houses, accessories and figurines for creating a fantastically frightful Lemax Halloween village. These high quality decorations are all beautifully detailed and are sure to mesmerise children and adults alike!

Lemax Spooky Town Collection

Lemax’s Spooky Town is a highly detailed collection of haunted houses, luminous landscapes and frightening figurines that are perfect for your Halloween holiday. Get into the festive spirit by creating a feast of sweets and treats and decorating the table with our array of Spooky Town table pieces.

Want to stand out on Halloween? Illuminate your home with Lemax Spooky Town buildings and dot your pathway with figurines to create the perfect atmosphere to excite guests, friends and family.

The Lemax Spooky Town collection will captivate the darker side of your imagination with delightfully chilling pieces such as the All Hallows Mausoleum, the Dead Man’s Cabin or the Banshee’s BOO-B-Traps!

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