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Wild Bird Food

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Wild Bird Seed

With a complete range of wild bird seed from major brands, such as Gardman and BTO, attracting wild birds to your garden has never been easier!

Mill Race Garden Centre offers perhaps the best range of wild bird seed and wild bird food in the UK, accompanied by a lowest price promise, fast UK delivery (often the next day!) and free delivery on purchases over £50! You can also shop with confidence with our no-quibble 90 day returns policy. No matter which wild bird species you are trying to attract to your garden, we have a variety of wild bird feed to bring your garden to life.

Wild Bird Peanuts

It’s best to buy wild bird peanuts in small quantities. If they’re kept lying around for too long they can be contaminated with aflatoxin, a naturally occurring poison.  Keep your wild bird peanuts in a cool and dry environment behind a wire mesh, so the birds cannot take a whole peanut away when they are feeding.

Peanuts are ideal for attracting Blue Tits, Greater Spotted Woodpeckers, Great Tits and other species.

Wild Bird Suet

Putting wild bird suet out is particularly important in the autumn/winter when wild birds need a greater number of calories to stay warm.  We offer a wide range of suet to attract wild birds to your garden, including the Suet Feeder by BTO with an added anti-bacterial coating to inhibit bacteria growth and stop the spread of disease.

Suet is great for attracting Song Thrushes, Blackbirds, Blue Tits, Great Tits and other species.

Sunflower Hearts

Sunflower hearts have the highest calorie to weight ratio in comparison to other bird feeds.  This allows birds to consume less of the seed in order to get their daily energy supply.  The essential oils in sunflower hearts contribute to a healthy beak and also help keep the bird’s feathers and skin in good condition.

Sunflower hearts are ideal for attracting Coal Tits, Chaffinches, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Siskins and other species.

Dried Mealworms

Feeding wild birds dried mealworms provides them with a high-protein snack that is also a great source of energy and water.  Surprisingly mealworms aren’t actually worms; instead they are the larval stage of beetles (Tenebrio molitor). 

Dried mealworms are ideal for species such as Robins, Blue Tits and Dunnocks.

Thistle Seeds

Thistle seed, otherwise known as Nyger seed, is very popular amongst wild birds especially finches.  When feeding thistle seed to wild birds it’s important to use special tube feeders with small thistle seed sized holes (like the Nyger Feeder by Gardman). 

Thistle seeds are ideal for attracting Goldfinches, Siskins and Redpolls.