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Bird Baths

We offer a complete range of Gardman bird baths, and not only do they keep birds hydrated they can make a beautiful addition to your garden.

Mill Race Garden Centre offer perhaps the best range of bird baths in the UK, accompanied by a lowest price promise, fast UK delivery (often the next day!) and free delivery on purchases over £50! You can also shop with confidence with our no-quibble 90 day returns policy. No matter which wild bird species you are trying to keep hydrated in your garden we have the perfect bird bath for you.

Do Birds Use Bird Baths?

Yes!  Most small birds use bird baths to drink twice a day, and they are vital for seed eaters who need to wash down those dry meals! Having a bird bath allows you to enjoy wild birds up close, and it allows them to bathe so they can keep their feathers in tip-top condition.

Best Type of Bird Bath

The best type of bird bath:

  • Has a rough surface and shallow sloping sides.  This allows birds to climb in and out without the risk or slipping or drowning
  • Is approximately 2 inches or 5cm deep
  • Is available all year round in your garden

Best Place for a Bird Bath

When considering the best place for a bird bath, you should:

  • Place it close to bushes in order to provide cover for the birds when bathing, but far away enough to avoid ambushes made by cats
  • Place prickly shrubs around the bath to prevent cats using them as cover
  • Place your bird bath in a shady spot ensuring the sun doesn’t dry up the water
  • Place it in different locations (on the ground or hanging up) until birds start using

Cleaning a Bird Bath

It's important to Clean a bird bath as birds can carry many different diseases.  To clean your bird bath you should:

  • Use a scrubbing brush with a cleanser such as Vetark Ark Klens for best results, or
  • Use boiling water which is a natural alternative
  • Clean the bird bath water every few weeks
  • Remove dead leaves, algae, bird droppings and food from the water
  • Use specialist products to clean making sure they’re not harmful to wildlife

Bird Baths in Winter

It’s common for the water to freeze in bird baths especially throughout autumn and winter, to combat this:

  • Pour hot water on the ice, however if it’s very cold it will quickly freeze again
  • Placing a bath in a sheltered position
  • Using a thermostatically controlled immersion heater
  • Sitting the bath on bricks and having a small tea-light candle lit underneath
  • If the bath is big enough you can float an apple or tennis ball to prevent the ice from forming

Bird Bath Accessories

If the bird bath or bird bath accessories you are after aren't available online, please contact us to see if we have it available in store.  We have a wide range of:

  • Stone bird baths
  • Concrete bird baths
  • Mini bird baths
  • Pedestal birds baths
  • Bird bath fountains
  • Bird bath bowls
  • Bird bath feeders