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Garden Furniture Covers

There are some things that just can’t be tucked away when the weather is bad and garden furniture can become damaged by rain or frost. We stock a wide selection of garden furniture covers, barbecue, washing line, bench and chair covers to help protect your garden equipment through all types of weather.

Mill Race Garden Centre guarantees the lowest price for all products and free delivery for all orders over £50; so you don’t have to worry about getting a better deal anywhere else!

Patio Covers

When garden furniture is not protected from the rain, it can lead wood to crack or rot if not treated correctly. Make sure you avoid water damage by using sturdy covers and ensuring that your outdoor furniture is routinely cleaned.

Keep your patio furniture from being damaged with our range of patio set covers. We stock trusted brands to ensure your outdoor equipment is protected all year round.

Our Gardman Rectangular Patio Set Cover comes in several sizes so that they fit perfectly over your outdoor belongings. For single pieces, we also stock a number of Bosmere covers, as well as covers to protect your Parasols and BBQs.

Protecting Your Garden Furniture

There are several ways in which you can help protect your outdoor furniture. Depending on the material, type of wood and age of the pieces, furniture can be made to last significantly longer with the right care and a little patience.

Some wooden pieces such as oak will naturally develop cracks that enhances its style without damaging its structure, other materials may need oiling or an extra layer of protection to help them age well.

If you have plastic furniture for your garden, these will also need some attention to keep them in top form. During the winter months, ensure that your furniture is stored somewhere away from the harsh weather so they it’ll be ready when spring comes along.

While storing furniture in a shed or indoors during colder months is an ideal way to protect it, this isn’t always an option – especially for smaller homes. Use our range of covers to protect your ornaments and furnishings from the worst of the weather.