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Garden Lighting

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Garden Lighting

We at Mill Race Garden Centre strive to provide a wide range of products to suit both your style and budget. Our lowest price guarantee means you won’t find a better deal anywhere else and our 90 no-quibble returns policy assures that you’re 100% satisfied with your products.

Solar, Electric & Low Voltage Garden Lights

The most popular outdoor lighting options are electricity based. When it comes to gardens, lights can either receive power directly from a wall socket or through a transformer which provides a low-voltage current, this is ideal as water and electricity make poor company.

Over the years, the popularity of solar power, low voltage fixtures and energy efficient lamp bulbs has increased significantly. Solar lighting provides you with a number of unique benefits that make it easy to see why more and more people are using these in their homes.

Solar lighting is a cost effective way to keep your garden shining brightly, even after the sun has gone down. This environmentally friendly option of lighting also provides you with a safer alternative to traditional lighting; with no wires to trip over they’re ideal if your garden is used regularly for entertaining or physical activity.

Outdoor Garden Lights

Lighting outside a home can be used to for more than just aesthetics; they’re also perfect for enhancing safety and visibility, providing accessibility and creating the ideal atmosphere outdoors during social occasions.

Garden lighting can be an important aspect of garden design. Choosing outdoor lighting can be overwhelming with so many different options. Different lamps and fittings can be combined to create a plethora of desired effects – there’s no real right way to arrange garden lighting, it’s all down to your own personal preference.

Use solar stake lights such as those provided by Smart Solar to illuminate your garden path or walkways. Products like the Majestic Crackle Globe Stake can help you create a safe and visually pleasing outdoor area without the need for wires.

For more decorative lights, we have a range of animal shaped solar lights that are sure to bring a smile you everyone’s face. A perfect talking point, products like our Gardman Decorative Solar Metal Rooster are beautifully detailed and light up your garden with unique shadows.

LED Garden Lights

Garden lighting has dramatically changed over the years because of the introduction of LEDs and safe low voltage lighting units. Their illumination is very bright in relation to the size of the size of the unit. Now readily available, LEDs can be placed almost anywhere in the garden.

LED lights are extremely versatile and come in a various styles - making them ideal for a number of uses outside. It’s important to first determine what you want to use the lights for beforehand.

For security purposes, a bright solar powered LED like our Astron LED Solar Flood Light would be ideal – bathing your garden in plenty of light in the evening. If you’re looking for something to brightening up your garden party, try the colour changing solar party lights to add a colourful glow to your summer after sunset.

LEDs tend to be more expensive than other forms of lighting, but in the long term are more cost effective because of long life span and efficiency as they last much longer than standard light bulbs. Specific ‘designer effects’ for domestic gardens can be achieved through a combination of coloured fluorescent tubes with grazing, spotlighting and other lighting techniques.

Whether you want to illuminate a patio at night or create a relaxing glow on a summer evening; our selection of power saving Solar lighting from Cole & Bright and Smart Solar will bring new life to your garden!