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Logs, Coal & BBQ Fuel 

We offer a complete range of logs, coal and BBQ fuel from leading brands Weber, Bradley and Big K.  All purchases of BBQ fuel over £50 come with free delivery!

Mill Race Garden Centre offer perhaps the best range of logs, coal and BBQ fuel in the UK, accompanied by a lowest price promisefast UK delivery (often the next day!) and free delivery on purchases over £50! You can also shop with confidence with our no-quibble 90 day returns policy.  With a wide variety of BBQ fuels we’re sure to have a product to get your barbecue started effortlessly.


Our range of charcoal will have you firing up your BBQ with ease. Charcoal BBQs have always been popular as they provide a long lasting heat and give food a unique taste.  Great for cooking poultry, steaks, fish and hamburgers.

Disposable BBQ

Disposable BBQs are easy to light, ready in 20 minutes and conveniently fit into a bag.  So if you’re going camping, to the beach or just round a friends house, you can bring a disposable BBQ for instant barbecued food.


Having problems lighting your barbecue?  Our range of firelighters are great for getting your BBQ started quickly.  Firelighters are clean and perfect for BBQs, fires or anything that needs to be lit instantly.

Fire logs

Easy to store, safe to use and quick to light; we stock a range of fire logs that are great for BBQ’s, and are widely recommended if you need to start a fire.  Just light the packaging and enjoy up to 3 hours of burning time per log.


Briquettes provide a long lasting heat, but read the instructions as they are made from a variety of materials that can alter their burning time.  With our range of ‘easy start’ briquettes just light the bag and within 20-30 minutes you’ll be ready to cook.

Wood chips

Wood chips come in a variety of flavours and are great for adding extra flavour to your food during barbecuing.  They can be added directly to hot coals, or put in a smoker box.  Wood chips are best used with smaller pieces of meat as they burn out faster than wood chunks.

BBQ Lava rocks

Our range of BBQ lava rocks are perfect for your gas or electric barbecue.  Lava rocks are great at retaining and distributing heat evenly, they absorb grease effectively and ensure your barbecue has no flare ups.

Bradley Bisquettes

We stock a variety of Bradley Bisquette flavours, and each adds its own distinct taste to food.  Ideally use them with a Bradley Smoker, but they can also be used on a normal BBQ.  The bisquette should be placed so it’s hot enough to smoke, but not so hot it catches fire immediately.

Wood chunks

If you’re looking to smoke over a long period then wood chunks are recommended – as they’re thicker than wood chips they won’t burn out as quickly.  Wood chunks are great for adding extra flavour to your food, and come in a variety of flavours such as whisky and pecan.