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BBQ Cleaners & Sprays

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BBQ Cleaners and Sprays

We offer a complete range of BBQ cleaners and sprays from leading brands Landmann and Weber.  All purchases of BBQ equipment over £50 come with free delivery!

Mill Race Garden Centre offer perhaps the best range of BBQ cleaners and sprays in the UK, accompanied by a lowest price promise, fast UK delivery (often the next day!) and free delivery on purchases over £50! You can also shop with confidence with our no-quibble 90 day returns policy.  Whether you have a gas, coal or electric BBQ we have cleaners and sprays to ensure it stays looking brand new! 

Weber BBQ Cleaner

Our range of Weber BBQ cleaners deodorise, degrease and clean food that’s burnt-on during barbecuing.  These easy spray cleaners are great at getting rid of grime and food stuck on the enamel of the BBQ.  Perfect for cleaning porcelain, kettle and stainless steel barbecues. 

Weber Non-Stick Spray

Made from 100% natural ingredients our Weber non-stick spray ensures your food never gets stuck to the grill again.  This odourless, non-flammable and tasteless spray should be applied directly to the grate before firing up your BBQ.

Cleaning Wipes

Efficiently keep your barbecue clean with our range of BBQ cleaning wipes.  Our Landmann wipes are dual sided, with a rough side to scrub off stubborn dirt, and a smooth side to clean up grime.  The innovatively designed bottle keeps the anti-bacterial wipes moist so they’re ready to use straight after you’ve fed the family.

BBQ Brush

A BBQ brush is an essential tool for keeping your cooking grates clean.  Unclean grates affect cooking temperatures and can cause flare-ups.  We recommended putting your BBQ on full heat for 15 minutes and then scrub the burnt debris off with a BBQ brush.

How to Clean a BBQ

The sooner you clean your BBQ the easier it is.  This also means your BBQ is ready to go when the sun comes out!

The Cooking Grate:

  • When the BBQ has cooled down – 30 minutes is usually enough – spray some BBQ cleaner onto the cooking grate.
  • Let the BBQ cleaner soak – this makes life a little easier for you.
  • Scrub, scrub and scrub! Keep going until the grate is clean.

A Gas BBQ:

  • A gas BBQ is a lot easier to clean as there is no ash to deal with.
  • Safely check the gas is disconnected.
  • Slowly take the BBQ apart layer by layer ensuring no food is lodged in the burners.
  • Spray BBQ cleaner, let it soak, then use your brush to get rid of any stubborn bits of food.

A Charcoal BBQ:

  • When the BBQ has cooled down remove the left over coals.
  • When the coal has been removed empty the remains into the bin.
  • Give the BBQ a good scrub using BBQ cleaner and a brush.
  • Ensure there are no stubborn bits of food left, and then rinse with water.