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Nothing says summer quite like a barbecue. Whether you’re gearing up for a weekend cookout or just want to get something on the grill while the suns out, we’ve got an incredible selection of BBQ equipment to make sure you get the most out of the season.

At Mill Race Garden Centre, we stock some of the UK’s finest brands for outdoor living - as well as all the essentials you’ll need to create a BBQ experience everyone will envy! Orders over £50 are delivered for free across the UK and all our products come with our 90 day no-quibble refund policy to ensure you’re satisfied with your purchase.

We’re here to help you pick the perfect barbecue equipment for your home. Whether you want to impress your friends with a state of the art setup or need something for your small flat – we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you need!

Types of Charcoal BBQ

Freestanding Charcoal BBQs

Freestanding charcoal BBQs consist of a stand, grill and basin to hold the charcoal. These are grill-only barbeques and you can find a range of options here at Mill Race Garden Centre, whether square, circular or half barrel shape models.

Some of our free standing barbeques have additional features such as storage, heat level adjustment and wheels to make your grill mobile and easy to use anywhere.

Freestanding, half barrel or oil grills are large and distinctively shaped. They offer a great amount of grill space, and are ideal if you’re having a BBQ for a party or for a large number of people. Have a look at the Oil Drum Charcoal BBQ by Landmann or Tennessee Charcoal Smoker BBQ by Landmann to get a better idea.

Charcoal Kettle BBQs

Kettle barbeques such as the Weber One Touch Premium Kettle 57cm and Black Pearl Charcoal BBQ 58cm by Landmann have circular bodies and distinctive hoods which fit tightly over the grill, heating the air trapped inside and raising the temperature, working just as an oven would. The heat of the trapped air can bake or roast meat, fish and vegetables. Some also come with a thermometer built in the hood to allow you to monitor the temperature for more accurate grilling.

Here at Mill Race Garden Centre, our BBQ kettles have air vents both at the bottom and top of the hood. Cold air is drawn into the BBQ allowing the coals to keep burning and excess hot air is released through the vents on the hood.

Types of Gas Barbecue

Gas barbecues are effectively a combination between a gas hob and grill that can be used outside on a garden patio.

Burners which are fed by gas provide a source of instant heat so food is cooked over this heat on the metal grill. Gas-powered barbecues have recently become more popular because they heat quickly, cook efficiently and you can adjust the level of heat to suit the type of food you’re cooking, which makes them very convenient grill choices.

Mill Race Garden Centre has a wide range of gas BBQ’s from the very simple to state of the art in the Weber Summit Range such as the Weber Summit E470 Gas BBQ.

Standard Gas BBQs

Standard gas barbecues are the most widely available type of gas barbecue and most have two, three or four burners - although it is possible to buy a gas barbecue with as many as six burners like our Weber Summit S670 Gas BBQ. A grill that has more burners will be a larger gas barbeque; and consequently be able to cook more food at one time.

A two-burner model should comfortably cater for a couple or small family (4-6 people). However if you cook regularly for larger numbers or like to barbecue a lot of food at once, a model with three or four burners would be more appropriate.

Gas BBQs with Hoods, Grills & Griddles

If you choose a gas barbecue with a hood, you can roast and bake food inside it, in addition to grilling on it just like the charcoal kettle BBQ’s. This is a great way to roast whole joints of meat and cook chunky steaks that are too thick to grill.

Our gas barbecues have a griddle or hot plate alongside the traditional grill for more versatile cooking.