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A new mirror in your living room, bedroom or hallway can often complete the look of the entire space. Add more light to a room or the illusion of more space by simply placing a mirror in exactly the right place.

Whether you’re looking to make a statement or simply want to complete the look of a room, Mill Race Garden Centre stocks a range of mirrors and décor to help you create your ideal home. All our products come with our no-quibble 90 day refund policy and fast UK delivery.

Decorative mirrors

Mirrors aren’t just functional; trendy shapes, timeless styles and elaborate frames can create fashionable feature pieces in your home. Regardless of your style, there’s sure to be a mirror to suit your home within our collection.

Choosing the right style and frame can depend on how you want the room to look. Much like picture frames, mirrors should be arranged with the style of the room in mind. If you’re looking to create a feature area in your home, placing multiple tinted mirrors on a wall in a similar way you would with multiple frames creates a unique and clean look – try experimenting with different shapes and sizes too!

Creating atmosphere

The way in which you decorate your rooms can affect the general feel of your home. Carefully thinking about how you want each room to look and what sort of atmosphere is appropriate can help you create your perfect living space.

Whether you live in a large Victorian style home or a small flat, décor can be used to change the way in which you and others perceive your home. Mirrors can be used to help recreate the feel of room in surprising ways.

In a smaller room, create the illusion of more space by hanging a large mirror - it’ll reflect the entire room back at you making it look more spacious. Minimising the amount of clutter and colours in smaller rooms can also help.

For a classic, more romantic atmosphere, mirrors with delicately carved wooden frames add a beautiful rustic feel when hung above a fire place or angled opposite a window to catch the light. Metallic or elaborately designed frames are perfect for a more modern and dramatic room.