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Tablemats & Coasters

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Table mats and Coasters

Protecting your dining and coffee tables from water marks, food and other damage is simply a matter of remembering to put down a place mat or coaster before serving anything. While not the most exciting things in the world, table mats and coasters are essential to keeping your dining table stain-free; especially when you have guests around.

Mill Race Garden Centre offers a wide selection of mats and coasters in a variety of designs to suit your mood, personality or occasion. These designs include floral patterns, landscapes and contemporary styles.


While placemats are primarily used to protect your table surface, they’re a great way to help designate seats – especially for children. If you enjoy having a variety of place mats or table mats around the table, mix and match complementary styles and let your friends and family choose their own personal ones.

We have an array of designs that are ideal for adults and children alike. Our range of floral tablemats from Creative Tops are beautifully rustic and their cork-backed design aids in preventing heat damage on your table.


The humble coaster was first introduced as beermats in the late 1800s by the German printing company Friedrich Horn and was originally made of cardboard. Later they were used in the UK to advertise ale and are now found in many different materials and styles.

We are proud to offer coaster sets in a number of designs to suit you. Our range of cork-backed coasters comes in a variety of classic and modern styles so that you’re sure to find a set to suit you.

Protect table tops with a variety of stylish coasters you’ll enjoy using. Choose the perfect coasters to compliment your room or find one that really stands out.