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A lamp is a wonderful addition to any room in your home. Find your ideal style in our collection of lamps and lampshades. Mill Race Garden Centre are proud to stock some of the UK’s most trusted brands in homeware and accessories so you’re sure to find quality products throughout our store and online.

A new lamp in your study or living room can often complete the look of the entire space. Lamps can be both very functional as fashionable depending on what you’re looking for.


Finding the right lamp or lampshade is a great way to really make a room look welcoming. Whether you’re looking for a new desk lamp, a standalone, or a decorative bed side lamp, it’s important to really understand how you want the room to look.

Ensure your lamps are fixed with the correct bulb and that they give off the right colour to compliment your room. Yellow bulbs offer a warmer glow while white light can range from giving off a warm to very cool glow.

While there are no set rules to how you should light up your home, we suggest that rooms such as your living room, bedroom and hallways are filled with warm lights to make them feel cosier. Kitchens, bathrooms and studies benefit greatly from cooler toned lights as this will help rooms look cleaners and brighter.

Choosing the right lamps and lamp shades

Depending on your home and how you want to decorate it, there are countless type of lamps made with different designs, materials, and styles and for different purposes. Choose one that is ideal for you!

When looking for a table lamp for your study, make sure it gives off the right amount of light for you to work under. Avoid putting lamps too close to your work space as your movement may cast shadows that can be distracting.

If you’re shopping for new lighting for your room or bedroom, consider how the design will fit in with your existing furniture. Pick colours that work well with your room and the right lampshade to enhance it.

Picking the right lampshade is a subjective decision. Choose whether you want to make a statement with a design or want something that simply compliments your home. The shape, size and colour may depend on which room you want to install it.

We at Mill Race Garden Centre are more than happy to help you choose the right home furnishings to sure your taste. Pop in store or order online for some of the best deals.