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  • Miniature World

    Miniature World

    Miniature World is a comprehensive range of products set to take a growing but under-developed product category forward with focus, imagination and proven product capability. Products cover miniature homes, gardens, architectural features, accessories and animals … view products

  • Lemax Carnival

    Lemax Carnival

    A visit to the carnival is the highlight of the summer season in towns and villages across the UK and America. The Lemax Carnival Collection recreates the sights and sounds that have enchanted carnival goers for generations. This collection is sure to capture the … view products

  • My Village

    My Village

    My Village aim to provide an exceptional basis for customers to create their own 3D settings. They providing a range of resources and materials from platforms and spray paint to cork, moss and spray glue for you to make your very own village. Taking into … view products

  • Lemax Christmas Village

    Lemax Christmas Village

    The Lemax Christmas Village collection of lighted houses, figurines, accessories and landscapes will bring a smile to your face, and the spirit of the holidays to your heart. Whether you create a quaint display to complement your holiday décor, or build an expansive … view products

  • Spooky Town

    Spooky Town

    Lemax’s Spooky Town is a highly detailed collection of haunted houses, luminous landscapes and frightening figurines that are perfect for your Halloween holiday. Get into the festive spirit by creating a feast of sweets and treats and decorating the table with our … view products

  • Ski Lifts

    Ski Lifts

    Regardless if you are re-creating memorable impressions of your winter vacation, are a train hobbyist, or want an interesting operating model for your display (home or office), your best choice are Jaegerndorfer products. view products

  • Trains & Tracks

    Trains & Tracks

     These beautifully made model trains with their fine details and authentic liveries will be perfect for your miniature world.   view products

  • Harry Potter

    Harry Potter

    view products

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