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Weber® Genesis® II LX S-440™ GBS™ Stainless Steel Gas BBQ

Barcode: 077924043840   |   Manufacturers Code: 62004174

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RRP £1,999.00
Our Price £1,759.00

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Product Specification

The new Weber® Genesis® II LX S-440™ GBS™ Stainless Steel Gas BBQ, with it's stainless steel accents given by it's lid, doors and side tables, is one of the totally re-designed and re-thought Weber® Genesis® II LX range of gas barbecues that have been developed by Weber®.  Not only one of the best looking bbqs on the market they are also giving a higher performance and adding a wide range of innovations without any compromises.

The Weber® Genesis® II LX S-440™ GBS™ Stainless Steel 4 burner with side burner Gas BBQ features the GS4™  high performance grilling system, an innovative grilling system that Weber® has used over 30 years of gas barbecuing experience, culinary expertise and, most importantly, feedback from their customer's to engineer. The GS4™  High Performance grilling system  means that power and convenience will never again be dependent on the amount of space you have or number of people to feed as Weber® have created their most powerful grill engine so far.

Almost every single component of the GS4™ High Performance grilling system, the ignition system, the burners, the Flavorizer™  Bars and the grease management system has been upgraded and, in most features, totally re-designed to boost performance and for ease of use.

Much effort and many years of development combined with constant re-enginering has gone into sourcing exactly the right ignition system for the re-thought Genesis® II series to create a system built to ignite every time with each burner having a newly developed igniter. Weber® are so confident in the improved ignition that it now has a limited 10 year warranty. All the LX models in the Genesis® II range have a specially developed enhanced version of  the electronic ignition system with a switch built in to each burner ensuring smooth ignition every time just with the turn of a control knob.

The burners on the Weber® Genesis® II LX S-640™ GBS™ Stainless Steel Gas BBQ  have a unique tapered shape to combat gas purging giving a consistent gas flow from front to back ensuring an even heat distribution over whole cooking surface so food will grill evenly and consistently where ever it is on cooking surface.

All the models in the Genesis® II LX range have an additional enhanced High+  function to give a sear burner on top of each individual burner so meat can be seared when you want and where you want giving extra power and control over the whole cooking grate. Each burner can be turned up to their highest setting to give an added boost of heat anywhere on the cooking grate. This feature makes any Genesis® II LX model perfect for searing food, creating those much sought after sear marks, or for decreasing the time needed to pre-heat the cooking grates to get them to grilling temperature.

Upgrades to the Grease Management System simplify the general maintenance that is needed to keep any gas barbecue clean and grilling at it's best. The Grease Management System helps with the removal of excess cooking juices whilst reducing the risk of flare ups. Cooking juices not fully vapourised by the Flavorizer™  bars are channelled away from the burners into an easily accessible catch pan located under the cookbox to make it even simpler to empty the catch pan after each grilling session.

Underneath the cooking grates and above the re-designed burners sit the classic Weber® Flavorizer™  bars which are carefully shaped at just the right angle to catch the dripping fats and cooking juices that will smoke and sizzle to add the characteristic barbecue flavour to the food being grilled. Any cooking juices not vapourised by the Flavorizer™  bars will then follow the slope of their unique angle to be funnelled away from the burners down into the Grease Management System.

The Weber® Genesis® II LX S-440™ GBS™ Stainless Steel Gas BBQ has a Side Burner set into one of it's two stainless steel side tables, one of which folds away and has integrated tool hooks, which will enable foods that are not suitable for the main cooking grates to be cooked on the barbecue such as boiling pasta, additional side dishes, onions or heating through sauces.

A 13 kg Patio gas bottle, (which local Mill Race Customers can purchase from us) will need to be purchased seperately to power the Weber® Genesis® II LX S-440™ GBS™ SS Gas BBQ , and can be located on a bracket  behind the designated storage screen at the side of the grill making it easier to access to get in and out to replace plus also creating a more generous space behind the stainless steel solid double doors underneath the grill for all those barbecuing essentials.

The Weber® Genesis® II LX S-440™ GBS™ Stainless Steel Gas BBQ also features a fully re-designed more ergonomic stainless steel double hinged lid that has been re-engineered so that it is now more convenient and easier to open and shut. On the lid handle there is mounted a handle light so the total cooking surface can be fully seen in the dark plus with the push of a button the control knobs light up to give total control no matter what natural light is available so useability or convenience does not have to be sacrificd whatever the time of day.

More innovation can be found under the re-designed stainless steel lid as the warming rack has been specially designed to accommodate the Weber® Elevations®  range of accessories. The warming rack creates a tiered base for each of the Weber® Elevations® accessories to be located into when it is folded down to increase the grilling capacity plus make it more efficient as everything is located above the cooking grate.

At the heart of the cook box of the Weber® Genesis® II LX S-440™ GBS™ Stainless Steel Gas BBQ  sits a porcelain-enamelled cast iron Gourmet BBQ System™ Cooking Grate which can be used as a regular cooking grate or by simply lifting out the 30cm middle section and replacing it with one of the separately purchasable interchangeable Gourmet BBQ System™  accessories – Dutch Oven Insert, Waffle and Sandwich Iron, Griddle Insert, Ebelskiver Insert, Pizza Stone with Carry Rack, Wok and Steamer Insert and Poultry Roaster Insert – which can greatly expand the versatility of the grilling, roasting or baking options available on any Weber® Gourmet BBQ System™ equipped barbecue.

The  Weber® Genesis® II LX S-440™ GBS™ Stainless Steel Gas BBQ also features an integrated frame in it's side table so is fully prepared to accommodate, and be fully compatible with, one of the newly developed iGrill™3 thermometers. An iGrill™3  thermometer measures the  temperature simultaneously in different food items using up to 4 probes with a Bluetooth facility allowing the iGrill™3 to combine with a smart phone to offer a whole range of grilling possibilities.

The Weber® Genesis® II LX S-440™ GBS™ Stainless Steel Gas BBQ, with it's stainless steel accents looks fantastic, but Weber® have worked long and hard to make the beauty more than just skin deep with the inclusion of the  GS4™ Grilling System which provides all the power, control and ease of use required to make life simpler and fit into any lifestyle.


  • 4main burners
  • 1 side burner
  • Includes porcelain-enamelled cast iron Weber® Gourmet BBQ System™ cooking grate – the removable 30cm centre section allows use of separately purchasable Weber® BBQ Gourmet System™ Accessories - Griddle, Wok, Sear Grate, Pizza Stone, Dutch Oven and Poultry Roaster
  • GS4™ High performance grilling system - Electronic Ignition System, High Performance Burners, Flavorizer™ Bars, Grease  Management System
  • Porcelain-enamelled lid and stainless steel side tables, make the barbecue weather proof and easy to clean
  • Porcelain-enamelled cast iron Gourmet BBQ System™ cooking grate that fits all inserts
  • Electronic Ignition System - ensured to ignite every time
  • High Performance Burners - Unique tapered shape that deliver a consistent gas flow from front to back, providing the ultimate heat distribution to the cooking grates
  • Flavorizer™ Bars - catch drippings that smoke and sizzle, adding that irresistable smoky flavour to the food
  • Grease management system - helps to prevent flare ups and makes clean up easy
  • High+ - A sear burner on top of each individual burner
  • Side Burner
  • iGrill™3 Compatible (sold seperately)
  • Double hinged lid
  • Tuck away warming rack
  • Illuminated control knobs
  • Handle light
  • Folding Side Table with Integrated Tool Hooks
  • Self assembly
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

BBQ dimensions:- 122cm high x cm Wide x 74cm Deep.


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