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Pest Control Supplies

Mill Race Garden Centre offers a range of pest control products online, including mouse traps, rat traps, cat & snail repellent and even pigeon pest control products.

Pest Control Products

As much as gardeners love nature – especially butterflies and birds which help their gardens to bloom – there is an aspect of the natural world that can make their blood boil, and it comes in a myriad forms.

Alongside the many insects that can make light work of our plants, rodents and small animals can also wreak havoc in our gardens.

Mouse and rat traps

Not only can mice and rats be a menace in the garden, but they can also create unsanitary conditions in your home, which is a great concern especially if you have young children around. We stock both mouse and rat traps which can help to deal with the problem, and are easy to set.

Animal repellent

You may love your local moggies and doggies, but chances are your plants won’t. An inquisitive puppy or a cat who needs the toilet can make a real mess of your flower beds, and though dogs can be kept out for the most part by erecting a fence, cats don’t seems to be bothered by such boundaries.

At Mill Race Garden Centre we supply a range of animal repellents, including Pepper Dust which is great for keeping dogs and cats out of flowerbeds; Cat-a-Pult which repels dogs, birds, rabbits and, of course, cats; and Scat-a-Cat, which deters cats from fouling in the garden.

Slug and snail repellent

Apparently little boys are made of slugs and snails and puppy dogs’ tails, but we think that’s a little unfair considering how much of a blight slugs can be on a vegetable patch. Thankfully, we stock Slug & Snail Killer, which comes with a scatter cap for easy application; as well as Slug Bait, which is suitable for organic gardening.