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Adding extra flavour to your food, and offering additional health benefits, herbs are fun and easy to grow.  It’s also very rewarding being able to say you grew them yourself and then picking them right from your garden or windowsill.


Considered an essential herb in Britain sage is great for adding rich flavour to foods.  Our Sage Clary (also known as Clear Eye) boasts colourful flower bracts and is used for medicinal purposes.


Quite a hardy and easy-growing plant Fennel makes a great addition to any garden.  Our Fennel Bronze has delicate feather red leaves which add a pleasant aniseed flavour when cooking.


Growing your own Basil will not only improve the taste of your cooking it will also save you some money! There are many varieties of basil, but our Purple Basil gives off a beautiful aroma and has vibrant purple leaves.


Oregano looks great in your garden and can work well in container gardens.  One of the main herbs added to pizza our Greek Oregano has the most intense flavour and is the one you are most likely familiar with.


With bright green leaves French Sorrel has a sharp acidic flavour which lessens when cooked and combined with other flavours – great with salads, fish and soups.


Chives grow well in sunny areas and can thrive in container gardens. With a taste that resembles a mild onion flavour in the leaves and the flowers.  It’s no wonder Chives are one of our most popular herbs – great with salads, cooked dishes or potato salads.


Borage has a flavour that closely resembles cucumber and is great when added to salads. In the summer, after a long hard day of gardening add some Borage flowers to an ice cold glass of water for a refreshing drink.  And for the adults you can add some to a nice glass of Pimms!


With petals that have a very delicate taste, similar to that of a tangerine, Pot Marigold will add a beautiful orange colour to rice.


Lovage needs a lot of space and is quite bushy, but don’t let that deter you as its leaves provide quite a distinct flavour.  The stems can be used in salads and soups as an alternative to celery.


Bergamot leaves have a flavour similar to citrus and can be used in fruit drinks, herbal teas and marmalades.  If dried out they can be used in pot pourri.