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Grass Seed for All Lawns

Whether you’ve got young children who are still getting used to walking on two feet instead of their hands and knees; a beloved family pet who needs somewhere to play; or you just want a spot in the garden where you can enjoy a good old fashioned picnic, a lawn is a great option. And with our products, you’ll be growing your own from scratch, or rejuvenating your current lawn, in no time!

Grass Seed Types

We offer a range of fast growing grass seed from Evergreen and Westland, with multi-purpose varieties that are suitable for a wide range of areas, as well as fast acting varieties that can germinate in just four days. If you already have a lawn but it’s looking a little tired, then these products would be great for giving it a little boost and filling in patchy areas.

Lawn Repairs & Lawn Patching

Lawns can become patchy due to foot (and paw!) traffic, as well as animals urinating or digging. However, with a little sprinkle of magic, your lawn can look lovely again in a matter of days.

We stock a range of products that do just that, including the Miracle Gro Dog Spot Repair – especially formulated to tackle problems caused by canine friends such as urine burns – and Aftercut Patch Fix, which features specially selected grass seed and organic feed that helps to get your lawn back up to scratch fast.