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We all need a little pick me up now and again, and our plants are no different. Compost is rich with nutrients, helping to give our plants a little boost through improving the soil. At Mill Race Garden Centre, we offer a range of fantastic quality products from J. Arthur Bower. 

J. Arthur Bower’s Growmore Multi-purpose Compost

This popular, multi-purpose plant food offers an even balance of nutrients that can benefit every plant in your garden. It’s ideal for both flowerbeds and lawns – add some when preparing a new bed or lawn for optimal results.

J. Arthur Bower's Fish, Blood & Bone

Another multi-purpose plant food from J. Arthur Bower; this one is ideal for fruit and vegetables, though it is suitable for most flowers too. It’s an organic based plant food, which offers a rapid boost and long lasting results – a single application can last as long as six weeks.

J. Arthur Bower's Bone Meal

Trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants will adore this product! It’s a natural, organic, slow-release plant food that is rich in phosphorous, which stimulates root growth.