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Gardening Boots & Footwear

We offer a large selection of quality Town and Country rubber gardening wellies and Briers rubber clogs.  Rubber gardening boots or wellies are essential for keeping your feet dry during muddy wet months.  For extra comfort, try adding a pair of boot liners to keep your feet warm and dry.  Rubber clogs are comfortable footwear for prolonged standing, and provide a non-slip sole to ensure proper grip in damp environments. 

Gardening Shoes, Wellies and Muck Boots

Ask any gardener, and they’ll probably tell you that aside from gloves, a good set of boots are perhaps the most important item of clothing when working outside. A pair of trainers may work well during the warmer months, but come autumn you’ll need a sturdy pair of boots or clogs to protect your tootsies and enable you to keep gardening for longer without dashing inside to dry your socks!

Gardening Wellies for Men & Women

At Mill Race Garden Centre we stock a range of wellies in various colours and sizes, all of which are nice and sturdy and more than able to tackle a range of garden jobs. If you’re looking for something a little different, we recommend our Chameleon Wellies by Town and Country – they’re transparent and allow you to show off your colourful socks! Each pair comes with a free pair of socks, and we also stock a range of extra socks that look great with the wellies – wear different wellies every day!

Gardening Clogs

Sometimes you need to slip on a pair of shoes quickly when an urge to garden takes hold (or when it’s raining and your washing is on the line). Our clogs by Briers can be slipped on and slid off with ease, but they’re still brilliantly weather resistant and super easy to clean. For little gardeners, we stock Kids Slingback Cloggies, available in navy, lime and coral and perfect for little feet.

Gardening Footwear Accessories

As well as the footwear items themselves, we also supply a range of accessories that will help to maintain them and more.

Do you find it a bit tricky to get boots off? We’ve got just the solution – our Town & Country Boot Jacks are a great, simple to use gadgets which are small and lightweight enough to carry around easily.

Meanwhile, our Bosmere Boot Scraper offers a twin brush and metal design to make cleaning dirty footwear a doddle, and prevent garden debris from being transferred into your home. The product is rust resistant, so can be kept outside, and the abrasive plate surface offers extra grip.