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Gloves and Boots

Here you will find a selection of Briers gardening gloves and clogs for safety and comfort while you garden. When the rain starts to fall, we offer a large selection of Town & Country Wellington boots for the muddy seasons.

Gardening Gloves

Choosing the right pair of gardening gloves is more important than most gardeners recognise. From preventing blisters to offering protection from thorns, good quality gardening gloves will allow you to garden in comfort for as long as you desire. Mill Race Garden Centre offers a large selection of gloves from Town and Country and Briers, two of Britain’s oldest garden glove manufactures. 

Cotton gardening gloves are breathable and ideal for smaller jobs such as pulling weeds. Many of our gloves feature a protective latex or nitrile coating on the palms of the gloves to further enhance protection as well as provide some water resistance. 

Suede or leather gardening gloves are ideal for heavy duty work such as shovelling or pushing a wheel barrel.  These sturdy work gloves offer maximum protection for your hands and can prevent painful blisters from forming when working with your gardening tools.

Rubber gardening gloves are ideal for keeping your hands dry when working in wet environments. They are not very breathable, but adding a pair of cotton glove liners can prevent excess moisture from building on the inside and keep your hands comfortable and dry.

Gardening Boots

We offer a large selection of quality Town and Country rubber gardening wellies and Briers rubber clogs.  Rubber gardening boots or wellies are essential for keeping your feet dry during muddy wet months.  For extra comfort, try adding a pair of boot liners to keep your feet warm and dry.  Rubber clogs are comfortable footwear for prolonged standing, and provide a non-slip sole to ensure proper grip in damp environments.