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Garden Sheets and Garden Protection

Every gardener’s worst nightmare is that their carefully tended plants are ravaged by pests, so it’s important to do all we can to protect our yard from becoming nothing more than a larder for local slugs and wild animals. Luckily, at Mill Race Garden Centre we stock plenty of products that can help to protect your plants, and make sure that you’re the only one eating your vegetables!

Garden Pest Repellents

As much as we love our furry friends, we don’t want them in our garden. Thankfully, we stock a range of animal repellent products that can help to keep pests at bay.

The Bayer Animal Repellent Concentrate is simple to apply with a sprayer or watering can, and will deter domestic animals such as cats and dogs, as well as wild animals like deer, rabbits and foxes. Meanwhile, the Growing Success Mole Repellent can either deter moles from approaching your lawn, or move them once they’ve arrived.

Raised Beds to keep animals, slugs and snails away from your garden!

Not only can raised beds help to keep animals, slugs and snails away from your plants, they can also assist in retaining warmth which could keep your plants alive during the cold winter months. We sell a complete range of raised bed supplies by Haxnicks, from the timber bed base to the steel coated frame and the poly cover.

The Raised Bed set by Haxnicks is extremely easy to build and maintain, and can be converted into a multi-tiered system if so desired. All of the materials are tough and weather resistant, and as an added bonus the poly cover can help to retain humidity for quicker growth. If you’re looking for a compact and simple greenhouse, this is a fantastic option.

Garden Mesh Protection

Offering protection from a wide range of pests including carrot fly, aphids, animals and birds, fine mesh netting also defends plants from harsh elements such as wind and hail but still allows rain to pass through so that your plants can benefit from much-needed water. It’s a great option if you’re looking to reduce the use of insecticides.

We stock various types of fine mesh netting, including Agralan Enviromesh in a variety of sizes, and a Raised Bed Micromesh Cover by Haxnicks.