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Wind Chimes

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Wind Chimes

We have wind chimes made of all sorts of materials and in a range of sizes, which means that we can choose just the right type to fit in with the surroundings. Here at Mill Race Garden Centre, we stock a range of types, including:

  • Large wind chimes

  • Glass wind chimes

  • Precious stone wind chimes

  • Musical wind chimes

According to the art of Feng Shui, the soothing sounds of wind chimes can help to unblock the flow of Chi, and help to relieve stress and promote calmness. Whether or not you practise Feng Shui, there’s no doubt that wind chimes can help us to feel serene.

That’s probably why wind chimes have been used for so many hundreds of years – in ancient Greece and Egypt, as well as South East Asia where archaeologists discovered wind chimes made of bones and shells.

Precious Stone Wind Chimes

We have a variety of wind chimes by Woodstock that feature precious stones, offering a mystical feel. Turquoise is said to ward off evil and ensure faithful and stable relationships; lapis is linked to truth and openness; and amber was once seen by stone-age man as the tears of the sun. This range would be great in a ‘Mother Earth’ themed garden.

Musical Wind Chimes

The Encore range by Woodstock offers excellent musical performance, and each wind chime is hand tuned to an ancient pentatonic five note scale, working beautifully with the wind to create a lovely melody. Alongside the traditional hanging chimes, we also stock garden bells – a sort of musical sculpture for your garden.

For your wind chimes to work well in your chosen space, make sure that you choose a size that’s appropriate – smaller for indoors, and larger for outdoors – and place them where they won’t be likely to cause injury to anyone!