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Garden Thermometers, pH Meters & Weather Stations

Getting an accurate reading of your soil's pH and moisture levels is vital to the health of your garden.  It’s essential to be able to get reliable information in order to be able to troubleshoot any problems your plants may be facing, as well as to avoid issues before they occur.

With that in mind, at Mill Race Garden Centre we offer a range of high quality instruments that can assist you in planning your garden effectively for optimum health, and observing your plants properly to ensure that they are maintained appropriately.

Garden pH Meters

pH meters and thermometers allows you to monitor your garden's pH levels and temperatures, allowing you to keep your soil in tip top shape. Plants derive nutrition from minerals, but they can only get the nutrients that they need if conditions are right – one condition that is vital is the pH level.

We stock a wide range of pH testing equipment, from the simple Combined pH and Moisture Meter from Gardman, right through to the Bluelab Garden Monitor which is suitable for the more advanced gardener and features the ability to set high and low alarms. Whatever your budget or experience in the garden, we’ve got a pH meter for you.

Alongside the equipment itself, we also supply a range of specialist probe cleaners and storage solutions, which will help to ensure that your instruments last longer and remain accurate.

Garden Weather Stations

Don’t trust the weatherman on the local news? Why not make your own predictions as well? We stock a range of weather stations which allow you to monitor conditions and make your own forecasts on things like temperature and humidity, with the more advanced options also featuring a self-emptying rain gauge and air pressure readings.

For a more budget friendly option, we also stock window thermometers and rain gauges, which can help you to track weather trends.