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Garden Canes and Garden Frames

Garden Canes and frames offer support for your climbing plants. They can also offer a touch of decorative charm, helping you to create added interest through height. The garden canes and garden frames that we have in stock are all highly stable and will offer a great help when growing climbing plants, whether you choose decorative varieties or are expanding your vegetable patch.

Split cane supports

These handy items can be adopted for a whole host of jobs in the garden. Use them to support young seedlings, tie them into a tripod frame, or use them to mark borders. The canes are dyed a deep green, too, which means that they will easily blend into the colour of the plant they’re supporting.

Our Bosmere Split Cane Supports are available in packs of either 10 at 61cm each, or 20 at 46cm each, so you can purchase the type that is best suited to your needs. And at just £1.19 per pack, they’re a real bargain!

Clematis flowerbell

Who said climbing supports had to be straight? This bell-shaped climbing support garden frame will offer a stylish, stunning feature for your garden, and is sure to create impact! Available in both small and large sizes, the frame is made from timber and is pressure treated to ensure that it will remain sturdy for years to come. Why not add one to your patio or border?

Sweet pea and bean ring

This easy to use product is fantastic for creating a cylindrical support for climbing plants. There’s no tying required – just push up to ten bamboo canes into the ground, and then push the support ring onto the top of the canes, and get growing! This product is especially good for sweet peas, runner beans and climbing beans.