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  • Garden Tools

    Garden Tools

    Garden Tools Power Tools  Make sure you inspect the plugs of your power tools for damage both inside and out. As well as this, check the wires and cables for cuts and wear to make sure there are in good order and safe to use. A common household solution is to … view products

  • Garden Accessories

    Garden Accessories

    Garden Accessories Creating the perfect garden requires quite a bit of patience and attention to detail. It’s not always about the big eye-popping features that makes your garden beautiful (although those can help too!); make sure you’re equipped with the right … view products

  • Irrigation & Hoses

    Irrigation & Hoses

    Irrigation - Hoses, Pipes & Reels Irrigation can be used in the maintenance of gardens and to assist in growing agricultural crops amongst other things. Irrigation is the artificial provision or application of water to land or to soil. When do I water and how … view products

  • Gloves & Boots

    Gloves & Boots

    Gloves and Boots Here you will find a selection of Briers gardening gloves and clogs for safety and comfort while you garden. When the rain starts to fall, we offer a large selection of Town & Country Wellington boots for the muddy seasons. Gardening Gloves … view products

  • Weedkillers & Plant Food

    Weedkillers & Plant Food

    Weed Killers & Plant Food Weeds & Weed Killer The best time to kill weeds is throughout the spring and summer. This is when they are growing strongly and tend to absorb weed killer more quickly at this time. This works particularly with selective weed … view products

  • Seeds & Bulbs

    Seeds & Bulbs

    Seeds & Bulbs - What You Need to Know 'Ground Work' Before planting any seeds or bulbs you must make sure you prepare the soil well for the best possible results. Incorporate a lot of compost, mulch or fertiliser and remove any weeds before planting. Bulbs … view products

  • Lawn Care & Grass Seed

    Lawn Care & Grass Seed

    Lawn Care - Grass Seed, Moss Killer & Lawn Fertiliser Every garden is different and has varying needs. Various types of grass require different products and preservation tools to help maintain a garden. It can be very difficult to grow grass from seed in areas … view products

  • Garden Ornaments

    Garden Ornaments

    Garden Ornaments In western cultures, the uses of garden ornaments were first known to be commonly used in ancient Roman gardens. There have been many examples of ancient gardens which have been excavated from both Pompeii and Herculaneum. The Garden à la … view products

  • House Plants

    House Plants

    House Plants With so much variety of house plants on offer, the ones you choose can depend on a host of factors. Some of the criteria should be: the environment you intend to keep them in, access to natural lighting and other ornaments or furniture which may be … view products

  • Pots and Containers

    Pots and Containers

    view products


Keeping your garden looking its best can be difficult without the right knowledge and gardening supplies. Mill Race Garden Centre offers a great range of gardening tools, seeds and ornaments to help make gardening an enjoyable experience.

We supply some of the UK’s most trusted brands so that you can keep your plant life happy! All our products come with free UK delivery for all orders over £50.

Gardening Supplies

To help ensure that your garden is kept beautifully trim and orderly, we stock a wide range of essential tools and accessories that allow you to tend to your greenery all throughout the year.

Whether you’re looking for the right hand tools or a way to help protect your plants from harsh weather, we at Mill Race Garden Centre endeavour to meet your needs. So that you can be sure of the quality of our tools, we supply products from well-known and trusted gardening brands such as Spear & Jackson, Haxnicks and Gardman.

For weed control or just maintaining the growth of your plants, regularly trim and prune your greenery so that they don’t grow too wild. While some pruning can be done by hand, some plants may irritate the skin – when this is the case, it’s best to use gloves and pruning tools.

Keeping your plants healthy

Our supply of weed killers, garden pots and treatments protect your garden from overgrowing and pests that are commonly known to cause significant damage if left untreated. We also offer a number of premium growth formulas to encourage healthy growth.

Ensure you keep on top of the weeds especially throughout the spring and summer months - as they are known to grow more actively throughout this time of year.

Adding an effective irrigation system or finding the right water hose for your garden can also help your create an outdoor space bursting with life! Depending on the time of year, set up a routine to ensure your plants and lawn get the water they need to help them grow.

Garden Accessories

While keeping your garden healthy may be your number one priority, it’s also important to add your own touch of character. Our range of ornaments and seeds can add the perfect amount of uniqueness to any garden!

Adding a wind chime or a small fountain to your garden can create a wonderfully calming atmosphere to any outdoor space, while our array of Vivid Arts statues can bring your garden to life!

Let children get in on the action too and encourage them to get their wellies on! Give them their own gardening tools and enjoy the outdoors together.