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Ozpig is a family owned, Australian Company based in Queensland, Australia. This cooker/heater was first developed by a husband and wife who enjoyed the great outdoors and the sense of adventure that came with it.

The Ozpig charmingly resembles a small pig on legs. Each detail has been uniquely designed with simplicity and versatility in mind, allowing users to almost immediately become familiar with its functions.

Initially created to contain a fuel efficient fire – the developers improved the Ozpig over the years to double as a multi-purpose cooking station. This has made the Ozpig the perfect garden or camping companion for you.

Since it was first designed, the Ozpig has gone under a number modifications to bring you a product that is easy to use, versatile and guarantees an enjoyable experience outdoors! No need to carry excess timber or hunch over hot coals to prepare a meal, this wonderful cooker/heater frees up more time to explore and immerse yourself in your surroundings.

Ozpig Outdoor Safety Gear

Not only is the Ozpig’s design wonderfully quirky, it has also been developed with convenience and safety in mind.

The legs elevate the heater/cooker to a comfortable height so that there’s not need to hunch over a burning fire and the specially designed spark arrestor on the chimney top reduces any risk of letting embers escape and singe the earth. The vented door also allows you to use the Ozpig with the door completely closed, keeping you and your companion safe from flames.

Ozpig Camping Equipment

While there’s definitely nothing quite like going camping – it can sometimes come with its own unique type of stress. The Ozpig takes away some of the most common fire related obstacles so that you can relax the way you want to.

Originally developed for travelling, cooking and camping, the Ozpig makes the outdoor experience far more enjoyable than you ever thought possible. The fact that this product fully contains flames, means that that is can be used in places where open fires are not permitted.

Keep warm and cook your meals in an entirely new way that will only enhance your camping experience.

Ozpig Garden Cooking Equipment

The Ozpig is not exclusively for the avid camper, it also makes the perfect fixture to your garden! Ideal for those who aren’t big on adventure but still want to experience the ambiance you get from camping, this heater/cooker is essential all year round.

You’ll be able to sit back and relax with the ambiance of an open fire from the comfort of your own home and cook up a storm when you have family and friends around.