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19 Cheap & Easy Garden DIYs You Must Do This Summer

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19 Cheap & Easy Garden DIYs You Must Do This Summer

How's your summer been so far? From barbecues, sunbathing, and eating your own body weight in ice cream, to a beautiful garden in bloom - what’s not to love about summer?!

Although we hope you've made plenty of time for the aforementioned activities, we also think summer is great time for DIY - especially in the garden! With a limited number of warm summer weeks left this year, today we thought we'd round up some of our favourite garden projects to tackle this summer.

Ranging from ideas to help wildlife, through to outdoor games and furniture hacks, we’ve got a fantastic variety of ideas listed here. And what’s even better is that they’re all relatively cheap, and pretty easy to do.

And of course, as your little ones will no doubt still be searching for ways to entertain themselves, we’ve added a few kid-friendly ideas too. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get summery!

Note: Each numbered heading is a clickable link that will take you straight to the relevant project.


1. Turn a globe lampshade into a bird feeder

DSC_0759-485x729Image Credit: Karen

We love this idea from Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff. All you need is a glass shade, a little rope, some silicon adhesive, and some bird seed of course! Karen offers a great step by step guide in her post. “To make sure your rope stays centred on the shade, just run the tip of the silicone down the centre of the two pieces of rope,” says Karen. “As you run the tip down, it’ll push the two pieces aside keeping everything centred.”

Of course, if you don’t have a glass shade, Mill Race stocks a great range of Gardman bird feeders to suit all gardens and budgets!


2. Make a pallet herb garden

free-standing-vertical-pallet-herb-gardenImage Credit:

Roeshel at DIY Show Off explains how to transform a pallet and some scrap wood into a beautiful, moveable herb planter. This project may take a little time to finish, but it doesn’t require any special skills or equipment. Once setup, all you need is some seeds to grow your favourite herbs.


3. Put up some no sew patio curtains

no-sew-drop-cloth-curtains-Image Credit:

No sewing machine required with this great idea from Jamie at Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.


4. Create a Twister board on your lawn

outdoor twister 1Image Credit: TAUSHA

Tausha from Sassy Style explains how to turn your lawn into a fun game of Twister, using just a little spray paint and a pizza box lid. “No, this will not kill your grass,” says Tausha. “Your grass will grow out and you end up just mowing it up.” The post also explains how to transform an old doormat into something a little more colourful, too!


5. Age some terracotta pots

 2013-02-19_010-393x590Image Credit: 

No-one will know that your pots aren’t vintage… Robin from All Things Heart and Home explains this easy DIY.


6. Turn a clay pot into an outdoor lantern

DSC_0328-680x1024Image Credit: Karen

Add a key chain, Allen key and an LED light and you’ve got yourself a lantern! This DIY from Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff can be used for other items too, such as woven baskets.


7. Place marbles in the holes in your fence

sdc11999Image Credit: 

Turn those holes into a beautiful feature with this DIY from Eric at Garden Drama.


8. Build your own outdoor cinema

Open-Air-Cinema-01-970-80Image Credit: Rob Mead

You can go as extravagant or as simple as you like with this tutorial from Rob Mead at TechRadar, but make sure you add popcorn!


9. Play garden scrabble

IMG_2655Image Credit: 

Larkin from Constantly Lovestruck shares this great idea, sure to keep you entertained on those lazy summer days. And all you need is some cardboard and a pen!


10. Make cupcake fairy lights

IMG_2898-1024x680Image Credit:

Cupcake cases are great for jazzing up fairy lights for a garden party! Camilla Fabbari from Family Chic explains this simple DIY.


11. Spray paint your garden umbrella

table outside shelf 005Image Credit: 

Cecilia from My Thrift Store explains how to give your umbrella a new lease of life.


12. Makeover a garden chair

chair makeoverImage Credit:

By using spray paint and vinyl, you can turn an old dining chair into a sleek, chic garden seat, thanks to this DIY from Melissa and Stephanie at Two It Yourself.


13. Make fence planters from cans

Fenceflowerpots2ImAdd Mediaage Credit: 

Kim Woodward from NewlyWoodwards shows you how to use tin cans to make bright and beautiful planters!


14. Make a teacup bird feeder

9442523_origImage Credit: Amy-Lyn

Amy Lyn from Bushel & a Peck explains how to make this adorable bird feeder. “To make this beautiful feeder, all you need is some glass and ceramic glue, some string or chain to hang it, and a tea cup and saucer you like from a second hand store.”


15. Make a fairy garden

Make-a-Fairy-GardenImage Credit: 

Little ones will adore this project – and we’re pretty sure that big kids will secretly have rather a lot of fun with it too! Jamie from See Jamie Blog shares her experiences of creating a fairy garden with her children – including a teeny weeny bench and swing!


16. Make a fairy door

2014-04-02-15.41.00Image Credit: 

Sticking with the fairy theme, this is a great crafty project to do with little ones. Rachel from Corner By Corner explains how to create your own fairy door using everyday items you should already have in your home, including lollipop sticks and buttons.


17. Make stepping stones

pathway-stoneImage Credit: Christina

Christina from Intimate Weddings explains how to make your own gorgeous mosaic stepping stones at home. “You don’t need a fancy schmancy mould to make garden stepping stones; all you need is a non-stick cake pan! And you won’t even ruin the pan!

“I stumbled on a new – and EASIER way to make mosaic stepping stones; it’s called the indirect method and it involves contact paper… They’re inexpensive to make – and they don’t require much skill.”

We’re sold!


18. Create a music station

Recycled-Outdoor-Music-StationImage Credit: Ann

What’s so great about this idea is not only that your little ones will be able to hone lots of different skills, but also that the station can be created from recycled items. That means it’s good for the environment – and great for your wallet!

Ann from My Nearest and Dearest offers some ideas on how to create a music station from recycled items such as tin cans, jars, and bottle tops. “They look so pretty hanging in the woods and will provide a new element to our outdoor play,” says Ann. “The kids can create great clanging and jingling sounds by banging the cans and jar lids with sticks.”


19. Make a lightbulb planter

lightbulb_fin-600x384Image Credit: DIY READY

We’ve tracked down a great step by step DIY for this gorgeous idea. Stephanie from DIY Ready breaks everything down with helpful photos so that you can easily recreate the project yourself at home. “I saw a great image of this project for a hanging lightbulb planter a few times on Pinterest, but had trouble finding instructions that showed how to make it.

“After spending far too long digging, with no luck, I figured it could not be that hard to do, and it is not. I like this project, because it is unusual and adds a lot of visual impact, but costs nothing and takes very little time.”



We hope that we’ve provided you with some inspiration for some fun projects for the remainder of the summer! The great thing about these ideas is that you can put your own spin on them, and adapt them to your personal tastes and the space you’ve got available in your garden.

And because these ideas are simple and cheap to do, you could easily complete more than one. Why not set yourself a challenge, and see how many of them you can do? Get creative!

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