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Dog Care and Dog Food

A fine range of dog toys and accessories, with chews for a quick treat, leads and collars which are both stylish and functional.  Comfy beds to ensure your canine friends are looking good while taking a rest.  We also carry medications and shampoos to ensure they feel (and smell) great too!

Dogs are a lot like humans, they are omnivores who can eat a variety of different foods.  Meat, vegetables, and grains can all be a part of their healthy diet.

But also like humans, they need a well balanced moderate diet.  Three things to consider when buying food for your dog: age, activity level and ideal weight. 

It is pretty easy to tell if your dog is doing well with their current food.  They will be happy and alert and will have firm stools.  If your dog is vomiting, or having diarrhoea, it is time to think about switching their food.

When switching foods, switch gradually, by mixing in small amounts of the new food throughout the week.  

When to Feed Your Dog

If your dog is an adult, it is recommended that you feed your dog twice a day.  Puppies will need to be fed more frequently due to their fast metabolism.

If you like to feed your dog snacks or treats, make sure you monitor the quantity as snacks and treats all add up.  A good way to control their snacking is by placing a small portion of snacks for the day aside, that way you know you are not over feeding your dog.