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Cat Care and Cat Food

Our feline friends love to play. Give them a good play time with Mill Race Garden Centre's large selection of teaser wands, balls and furry toy mice. They will be sure to have a great run around the house. If your cat likes a challenge, try the Catit Senses range of teaser and massage games. Once they worked up an appetite we stock the Meowing Heads funky foods.

Cats are carnivores.  They eat mostly meat.  Cats can be choosy when it comes to their food.  Do a taste test for your cat, If your cat likes the food and doesn't have diarrhoea or vomiting afterwards, the food is probably okay.  

If your cat didn't like the food you gave it, you need to try something else.  Cats will go on hunger strikes rather than eat something they don't like, which can lead to liver failure. 

If you need to switch cat food, make sure you introduce the new food slowly by gradually mixing the old food with the new food throughout the week.