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Patio Tables, Patio Chairs & Patio Covers

Choosing the right patio furniture

Choosing the right patio furniture can bring comfort, function, style and design to your outside space. With so much on offer, picking the right patio furniture can seem overwhelming.  

A key factor when making your decision is to determine how you would like your outdoor space to function.  

Do you want to use your patio as a second lounge area for warm summer afternoons or a quiet place to read?  Or perhaps as an outdoor dining area? 

You can use function as a guide to determine what type of furniture is necessary.  

As an example, if you wish to use your patio for evening cocktails, you may want to opt for more seating combined with small side tables as opposed to a large dining table.  

And if you wish to use your patio as a quiet reading area, perhaps some comfortable lounging chairs are in order.

Plastic, Glass, Wooden & Cushioned Patio Furniture

Comfortable furniture will likely be used more than uncomfortable furniture.  Generally, when thinking about this subject, we associate comfort with bright coloured, soft, plump cushions, pillows and footstools.

However, having such furniture outdoors may be difficult to preserve and keep clean especially with the changing weather.

Outdoor furniture made of materials such as wicker, metal, wood or mesh for example, are longer lasting and will look wonderful for years.   They are designed for outdoor use and can stand the test of the elements.  

When choosing patio furniture both comfort and maintenance must be taken into account.  

Will your patio have some shelter? How often will you be using the outdoor space? Will it be for more than one purpose, and if so would portable furniture be a better option?  

Mill Race Garden Centre offers a large selection of outdoor patio furniture along with removable soft cushions and covers so you can have both the comfort and the durability of outdoor furniture. 

Folding Tables, Outdoor Furniture Covers & Outdoor Rugs

Finding furniture which can fulfil more than one purpose could really come in handy.

An example could be an ottoman which can be used as a small side table or rest but can also double up as extra seating for an outside gathering when needed; or perhaps a bench that can be used as seating around an outdoor dinner table.

Textile advancements in recent years have seen the introduction of all-weather, quick drying rugs to the market.

Many are made with polypropylene which allows them to withstand harsh conditions such as prolonged sun exposure, rain and snow easily.

Outdoor rugs are also very easy to care for, with most just needing a quick hose rinse for effective, easy cleaning.

This may also be something to consider when choosing outdoor furniture because a rug which can easily be looked after and is soft underfoot and rich in texture, will certainly lend the comforts of indoors to your outdoor patio.