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Weeds & Weed Killer

The best time to kill weeds is throughout the spring and summer. This is when they are growing strongly and tend to absorb weed killer more quickly at this time. This works particularly with selective weed killers, whose effectiveness relies on activity within the plant.

Liquid weed killers should be applied in calm conditions to minimise the likelihood of the solution spreading to other plants you wish to keep. If you apply the solution to the leaves, it moves up to the growing points and down to the tips of the root.

If you are using a watering can to apply the weed killer, it is advisable to use a separate one to the one you use during normal watering; if you want to avoid accidental damage to other plants. A pressure sprayer gives the best coverage by dispersing the weed killer in a fine mist, giving the best possible absorption by the target weed.

Weeds in Paths & Patios

Seeds which have been carried by wind, on the soles of shoes, birds and pets are the cause of weeds appearing on paving and gravel areas. Small pieces of root or stem remain in the soil and grow through the patio or decking. Try the Bayer Path Weedkiller (120m2) 12 pack to rid your patio of any unwanted weeds which could eventually cause costly damage.