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21 Spookiest Halloween Decorations for 2015

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21 Spookiest Halloween Decorations for 2015

Are you ready for All Hallows Eve? As the scariest of the holidays draws near, many of us are starting to plan our own décor. If you’re going to be throwing your own petrifying party, or you expect trick-or-treaters to visit your house, it’s time to get those finishing touches figured out!

We’ve got plenty of ideas here that will help to make your house the spookiest on the street. Whether you’re planning on going for an all-out scarefest, or you just want a couple of creepy Halloween decorations, you’re bound to find just the thing here.

1. Lemax Spooky Town Collection


Lemax’s Spooky town range of haunted villages and figurines will captivate the “dark side” of your imagination, making you shiver with fear and smile with fun at the same time! If you’re already a Lemax Spooky Town fan, be sure to check out what’s new for 2015 too, including the Grim Reaper Countdown and Mount Gloom Observatory.

2. Halloween Horror Blade Weapons Glow in the Dark by Haunted House


These gruesome decorations are ideal for a Halloween party with a horror film theme. They’re lightweight enough to hang from the ceiling with a piece of string; or you could use them as fun props in your own photobooth. If you’re feeling particularly ghoulish, you could answer the door to your guests while holding one aloft… mwahahaha!

3. Halloween Trick or Treat Felt Bag by Gisela Graham


We can't decide whether this bright felt trick or treat bag is adorably scary or scarily adorable! With plenty of room for a Halloween haul, you'll want to take part in the custom... whatever your age!

4. Musical "BEWARE" Light up Halloween Sign by Haunted House


This sign should make it clear to all party guests or trick-or-treaters that they enter your haunted house at their own risk! Press the spider button, and the sign will light up and play creepy organ music.

5. Spiders Web with 6 Spiders by Haunted House


Sorry arachnophobes… there are more eight-legged creepy crawlies to contend with in this post! This nylon webbing material allows you to create your own giant spider’s web, and the kit comes with six spiders which can inhabit it – and wait for their chance to pounce… Don’t worry, though – the spiders aren’t real!

6. Glow in the Dark Halloween Pumpkin by Vivid Art


Not got time to carve your own pumpkin this year? Fear not – this glow in the dark pumpkin will do the trick, and it will last for years to come, too! And because it’s been made with high quality resin, you needn’t be scared of Jack Frost laying claim to it – this pumpkin can be left outside in all weathers.

7. Glow in the Dark Skeleton by Haunted House


This glow in the dark skeleton can easily be hung in your porch, window or anywhere around the house – and because it’s three feet tall, it’s sure to make an impact!

8. Halloween Bat by Gisela Graham


Hanging decorations are great for scaring guests at Halloween, but when your guests look more closely at this bat they’ll probably fall in love with it. This winged creature of the night has got into the spirit of Halloween and is wearing his own ‘spooky’ mask.

9. Halloween Paper Garland by Gisela Graham


Make your mantelpiece monstrous and your ceilings scary with these easy to use paper garlands, available in either a spooky skull or bat design.

10. Scary Ghost by Vivid Art


You may need to call the Ghostbusters to deal with this ghoul! The high quality resin it’s made from will mean it can be left outside in all weathers, so even if it’s stormy this Halloween, your garden can still look super spooky.

11. Smart Garden Halloween Ghost String Lights


…and your garden can look even more ghoulish with these ghostly fairy lights. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they’ll create brilliantly spooky shadows, and provide just enough light in those dark corners to illuminate what lurks there...

12. Bristle Owl with Witches Hat by Gisela Graham


Okay, so this gorgeous ornament looks more sweet than scary, but as everyone knows that owls and witches are inextricably linked, dare you trust it completely?

13. Halloween Black Tinsel Spider by Gisela Graham


This spider may be made of tinsel, but you can still expect arachnophobes to be scared of it! Almost half a metre in size, the giant spider can be positioned in any pose that you desire. Why not have him crawling up a wall, or creeping over the top of a door, or hanging from the ceiling… ugh!

14. Halloween Hanging Spider by Gisela Graham


Another spider option – because let’s face it, you can’t have too many at Halloween. This eight-legged creepy crawly is brightly coloured and comes with a hanging cord so that it can be suspended from the ceiling, ready to jump onto an unsuspecting guest

15. Halloween Paper Lantern by Haunted House


These light-up paper lanterns are available in either an orange pumpkin design, or with black bats on a white background. Why not get a few of each to hang around your porch and entice trick-or-treaters to your house of horrors?

16. Halloween Plaque by Gisela Graham


Your guests will be under no illusions that they’ve arrived at a scary soiree with these signs! There are three options available, either saying ‘ghoulish greetings’, ‘eat, drink and be scary’ or ‘caution: enter if you dare’.

17. Halloween Wax LED Candle by Gisela Graham


Though these candles may be lit for hours and hours, they will never melt… is it due to some kind of black magic? Actually, it’s a clever combination of an LED bulb and a wax finish, but we won’t tell your guests that if you don’t! Choose either a witch design, or one featuring a wizened old tree, spiders and a cat.

18. RIP Gravestone and Ghoul by Vivid Arts


This ornament features a restless ghost haunting its own grave – and the glow in the dark element makes it extra spooky. And because it’s made from durable resin, it can continue to haunt your garden for years to come…

19. Trick or Treat Candy Bucket Jumbo by Haunted House


Use these buckets to collect sweets if you dare venture out into the night this Halloween, or offer a surprise to trick-or-treaters that arrive at your door. It’s up to you whether the contents of the bucket are a treat, or a trick!

20. Standing Cat by Gisela Graham


Made from tinsel, this beautiful black cat has his back arched high – has he just seen a witch?

21. Black Chenille Spider Web


Spanning 80cm in size, this spider’s web is big and bold enough give your guests a shiver up their spine! Imagine how big the spider that lives on it must be…


No matter what you plan to do this Halloween, this list should give you some ghoulish ideas to make your house super spooky. And because Halloween is often a holiday that involves the whole family, we’ve included lots of options that are suitable for a kids’ party, so they shouldn’t be too scared…

Simply add some frightening food, a few ghastly games, and a scary soundtrack, and your guests will soon be doing the Monster Mash!

What are you planning on doing this Halloween? Let us know in the comments!

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