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11 Activities for Under £10 That Will Make Your Kids Happy This Summer

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11 Activities for Under £10 That Will Make Your Kids Happy This Summer

Already dreading the cries of “I’m bored!” from your children this summer? We know the feeling. The summer holidays are fantastic for getting to spend time with your little ones, but those trips to theme parks and zoos can soon add up.

Fear not! We have some brilliant ideas for keeping kids occupied all summer long that won’t cost the Earth. In fact, many of these ideas involve typical household items that you probably already have at home. Bring on the summer!

1. Make a water blob

0006Image Credit: Paging Fun Mums

Though this tutorial was written by Louise at PagingFunMums over in the US, you should be able to gather everything you need easily here in the UK, and you may well already have most of the things you need in the house. We bet that big kids will love this wobbly sun lounger as much as little ones!

“We started by adding some blue food colouring (aprox 20ml), then we inserted the hose and watched it fill. The kids enjoyed watching the blue food colouring spread.”

2. Design a t-shirt

Sandpaper-printing-SuppliesImage Credit: Cindy Hopper

The kids will need a little help from a grown-up with this one right at the end, but they’re sure to love creating their own unique designs! Cindy Hopper over at AlphaMom shows you how – we think we’d like her little one to design a t-shirt for us, she’s quite the fashionista!

3. Make your own play dough

390c127b-003a-45ec-95ac-ae40e4c3a8c9Image Credit: Linda

Toddlers adore experimenting and creating with play dough, and it can take less than quarter of an hour to whip up at home. It’s super cheap, too!

4. Start a veggie garden

cucumber-garden-grow-876498-hImage Credit: woodleywonde

Here’s an idea that could definitely keep your kids occupied all summer long! There are so many great veggies that can be sown from seed during the summer months, including lettuce, beans, carrots and tomatoes, to name just a few. Each of these are perfect to grow by budding gardeners, and come harvest time, your kids might just want to become budding chefs too!

5. Use masking tape to create floor games

P1200965Image Credit:

We all know that the Great British Weather is like – there are bound to be at least a few days when we need to shelter indoors. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll be bored! A couple of rolls of masking tape and maybe a couple of tennis balls is all you need to create some fun games, as demonstrated by Nicole from the WhatToExpect blog.

Try hopscotch, target bowling, or create ‘roads’ where your kids can drive their toy cars. The only limit really is your imagination!

6. Make fizzing pavement paint

Rainbow Erupting Sidewalk Chalk Paint (1)Image Credit: Allison Sonnier

You’ve probably already got most of the ingredients you need for this fantastic paint in your cupboard – Allison Sonnier shows you how on the LearnPlayImagine blog. Go nuts painting the pavement or the flagstones in your garden, then spray on the vinegar to see the magic happen! Even better, all you need to do to clean up is switch on the hosepipe. Simple!

7. Make an ant farm

finished-jarImage Credit:

You won’t need tonnes of space to house your very own ant colony if you follow this tutorial which shows you how to create an ant farm in a jar from the Artists Helping Children blog. Children will love this project, and will be learning all summer long without even knowing it!

8. Play glow in the dark hoop toss

Light Up the Night post-002Image Credit: 

Grab a few packets of glow sticks from a pound shop, and you’ve got an inexpensive toy that kids will love playing with on those summer nights when they’re allowed to stay up late. Alison from the MommaDidIt blog has some great glow in the dark ideas in her post!

Try to land your hoops around a target like a large stone or a small brush handle, or arrange them on the floor to create glow in the dark hopscotch.

9. Make a balloon rocket

photo-68-copy-9Image Credit:

Science experiments are always plenty of fun, and this one from Jenni at PagingFunMums is sure to fire up your kids’ imagination. You’ll probably have what you need already, so just add enthusiasm and get going!

10. Make your own potato stamps

3-PotatoImage Credit: 

A bag of spuds costs very little, but it can lead to lots of crafty fun as Rosie from MumsMakeLists demonstrates! Adults will need to do the cutting bit, but children can choose their design and use the potato stamps to create beautiful artwork. Why not get creative with sponge stamps, too?

11. Make your own giant bubbles

Giant BubbleImage Credit:

Sure, you could just make normal sized bubbles… but why would you when you can make giant ones? Steph from the StephsTwoGirls blog shows you how. Your kids are sure to believe that you really are magical if you create this fantastical mixture.


We hope that we’ve fired up your imagination for some ways to enjoy lots of frugal fun this summer. With a little ingenuity, you can keep the whole family occupied without emptying your wallet. Have fun!

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